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First Broadcast:
Monday @ 10:00
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Friday @ 06:00

The TechTalk Radio Show has been founded by Sue Nelson, CEO of Breakthrough Funding.

Our new programme has been launched to showcase tech innovation. Techie experts from around the country also help listeners track down the latest new products and showcase them in our 'unboxing' feature.

From established tech heroes to emerging bright sparks, only those at the cutting edge of innovation are invited to appear. Designed to give innovators an invaluable platform so they can shout about their work, The Tech Talk Show gives you the lowdown on everything you need to know about tech today.

Our presenting team have a wealth of experience in the tech industry and have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to new trends and new technologies.

Sue Nelson is a Tech London Advocates member and created the Food Tech Group. She is also the Founder of Breakthrough Funding, which helps small companies turn into great big ones through the R&D Tax Credit initiative.

Paul Armstrong is a specialist when it comes to Digital Marketing and strategy for tech companies. Paul is the author of the Disruptive Technologies book and founded the HERE/FORTH consultancy, as well as being a regular contributor to Forbes.

Sarah Luxford Co-Founded the TLA Women in Tech group. Her background is international headhunting for top tech companies and she’s behind the growth of some very influential firms.

Russ Shaw is the Founder of Tech London Advocates and the Global Tech Advocates. Russ was appointed as a London Tech Ambassador by the Mayor's Office and is a member of the Tech City Advisory Group.

The Tech Talk Show wants to hear from innovators who are working on gaming, software development, apps, the Internet of Things, cyber security, gadgets and wearables. If you would like to submit a product for unboxing or you have an innovative new product to showcase to listeners, get in touch with the show via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.