The Pirate Radio Show
Live From A Small Bargeā€¦

The Pirate Radio Show on the Sound of Spitfire #TheStationYouAllDeserve

First Broadcast:
Thursday @ 20:00
Listen Again:
Monday @ 02:00
Saturday @ 20:00
Monday @ 02:00

Hosted by Chris Hyde, and broadcasting live from a small boat moored on the River Welland, this is the show that gives a nod back to the era of Pirate Radio. Playing tracks from the 50s,60s and early 70s, Chris takes you back to time where the Pirates ruled the airwaves.

Although the government tried to stop the Pirates in the late 1960s and the BBC came up with the equivalent of the Pirate Shows by launching Radio One, many stations kept on going.

This show gives you the feel of those heady days when the transistor radio was the teenagers best friend.

Regular features include long tracks and a prog rock slot. So, whether you were a MoD, a Rocker, a Hippy or just an easy-listening type of far out dude, pull up a beanbag and join Chris on the barge!

Image by Steve Horsley/