Taking Off With Spitfire
17th October 2018

Taking Off With Spitfire - Showcasing Local Talent from the South Holland area

First Broadcast:
Thursday 18/10/2018 @ 19:00
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Sunday 21/10/2018 @ 18:00
Thursday 25/10/2018 @ 01:00

Bought to you by EM Music Matters, Taking Off With Spitfire is our weekly show in which we showcase the very best Local, National and International talent. Reaching hundreds of listeners across the globe, Taking Off With Spitfire is YOUR opportunity to promote YOUR latest music to a vast audience. We are happy to play all genres whether it is Punk, Folk, Blues, Rock, Indie, Electro, Country or Pop. With listeners from all areas of the music business, from promoters to recording studios and from festival organisers to fans, Taking Off With Spitfire is YOUR platform to get YOUR music heard in a wider marketplace and on a bigger world stage.

Taking Off With Spitfire broadcasts weekly on a Thursday evening at 19:00, is repeated the following Sunday at 18:00 and again on Thursday morning at 01:00.

Do you want to be featured on the show complete with an Artist Profile on our Sound Of Spitfire website, with links to purchase your music, plus Social Media exposure? We're always looking for fresh talent to broadcast and promote so don’t delay. Provide us with as much information as possible about yourself and your act as well as uploading a demo here and you could be next up on Taking Off With Spitfire!

This week you will be able to hear a little bit from Piqued Jacks, The Lucky Face, and the Phillip Foxley.

Piqued Jacks

Taking Off With Spitfire - Showcasing Local Talent from the South Holland area

The Piqued Jacks are a band of brothers who grew up together in the countryside of Buggiano, near Florence, Italy.

With tenacity, riveting concerts, and a unique style of alt/funk-rock music, they made their way to Rome, Milan, London, Glasgow, Austin, and Los Angeles. On one of their early days, they broke and bent an audio jack; the double meaning of its upward angle was easy to see for the four young boys. “Piqued” means “interested”, but also stands for direct, spontaneous, visceral.

Their previous single and video “Wildly Shine” (Spring 2018), premiered on The Big Takeover Magazine, and was pre-produced by Michael Beinhorn (RCHP, Soundgarden).

The new album (Summer 2018 release) was produced by Dan Weller (Enter Shikari, Young Guns) in an 18th c. country home, transformed for the occasion into a recording studio/communal living space, completely immersed in their sounds, surrounded by nature and chemistry of human creativity.

Find out more about Piqued Jacks via their artist profile page.

The Lucky Face

Taking Off With Spitfire - Showcasing Local Talent from the South Holland area

The Lucky Face is a musical vehicle (without wheels), for the songs of Tim Mullineaux. Here's the story so far...

Tim began writing and performing in the North West of England in the 1990s with Jamie, Wayne & Greg in Little English, who were popular in Lancashire, or parts of it. Little English played to big crowds and even got paid. They were named after a young Tom English, later drummer with Maximo Park, who would turn up to the band's gigs clutching a pair of drumsticks. That's why he's such a good drummer now you see. Dedication. That's what you need.

When Little English split, Tim and Greg (who played the drums) moved to Nottingham and formed Vim (Mk1), commandeering a town centre busker called Paul to play the bass. The slightly ridiculous, if vigorous, name was suggested by Jarvis Cocker of Pulp via means of the autograph. It is unclear whether Jarvis regularly endorses cleaning products. Vim (Mk1) wore funny clothes, but received positive reviews for their first demo. Making Music Magazine said Vim (Mk1) looked like they'd got dressed in a charity shop. This was largely true.

Find out more about the band via their artist profile page.



Phillip Foxley

Taking Off With Spitfire - Showcasing Local Talent from the South Holland area

Phillip Foxley is a songwriter/guitarist from North Wales in the UK. He writes Blues/Rock/Punk and Piano/Acoustic music for TV and film soundtrack licensing from his home studio.

With influences like Snowy White, David Gilmour, Mick Ronson, Leslie West, Gary Moore, Foxley has now released his own debut album entitled "I'll try 'till I die", an eclectic collection of original blistering blues rock guitar and soft acoustic and piano tracks written over the years. Foxley says "Every track on this album means so much and every note is from my very soul".

Find out more about Phillip Foxley via his artist profile page.

Remember, we're always looking for fresh local talent to broadcast and promote, if you want to be involved you can provide us with some information about yourself as well as uploading a demo here.

Record Player Image By Dane Deaner & Unsplash