Taking Off With Spitfire
27th September 2018

Taking Off With Spitfire - Showcasing Local Talent from the South Holland area

First Broadcast:
Thursday 27/09/2018 @ 19:00
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Sunday 30/09/2018 @ 18:00
Thursday 03/10/2018 @ 01:00

Bought to you by EM Music Matters, Taking Off With Spitfire is our weekly show in which we showcase the very best Local, National and International talent. Reaching hundreds of listeners across the globe, Taking Off With Spitfire is YOUR opportunity to promote YOUR latest music to a vast audience. We are happy to play all genres whether it is Punk, Folk, Blues, Rock, Indie, Electro, Country or Pop. With listeners from all areas of the music business, from promoters to recording studios and from festival organisers to fans, Taking Off With Spitfire is YOUR platform to get YOUR music heard in a wider marketplace and on a bigger world stage.

Taking Off With Spitfire broadcasts weekly on a Thursday evening at 19:00, is repeated the following Sunday at 18:00 and again on Thursday morning at 01:00.

Do you want to be featured on the show complete with an Artist Profile on our Sound Of Spitfire website, with links to purchase your music, plus Social Media exposure? We're always looking for fresh talent to broadcast and promote so don’t delay. Provide us with as much information as possible about yourself and your act as well as uploading a demo here and you could be next up on Taking Off With Spitfire!

This week you will be able to hear a little bit from Wild Horse, Tom Bright & The Dynamite, and the Leftover Bullets.


Taking Off With Spitfire - Showcasing Local Talent from the South Holland area

Wild Horse are a young, exciting English band who’s recently released 2nd album “Songs about Last Night” has drawn comparisons with some of the UK’s very best exports from critics both sides of the pond.

Brothers Henry and Jack Baldwin share the lead vocal duties. Imagine Jagger sparring with Liam G and you’re getting close. Throw in some classic rock riffs a’ la Keef’ over Ed Barnes’s powerhouse drumming and you can start to imagine what Wild Horse are about.

But it’s not all bombast, there is subtlety and even beauty, with great backing vocals and considered song arrangement. You can hear influences from the like of The Arctic Monkeys, The Hives, Libertines and of course the Rolling Stones throughout their repertoire but they all still sound like Wild Horse!

Find out more about Wild Horse via their artist profile page.

Tom Bright & The Dynamite

Taking Off With Spitfire - Showcasing Local Talent from the South Holland area

Tom Bright & The Dynamite - a Berlin-born, Derbyshire-raised singer/songwriter who sounds like he smokes far too much and looks like he eats way too little.

A pub landlord between the ages of 18-23, Tom then went off to Australia where he wrote, performed and really launched himself as a musician. At the beginning of 2013, he landed back in London, armed only with a backpack and a guitar, and got cracking with recording his debut solo EP.

He now lives in East London, playing shows all over, and his debut release is expected in July 2013.

Find out Tom via his artist profile page.



Leftover Bullets

Taking Off With Spitfire - Showcasing Local Talent from the South Holland area

The Hard Rockers from Thessaloniki have been presenting to us for 3,5 years now their proposal carrying with them dirt, vagrancy and wildness. Inspired by the music and the attitude of the hard n heavy decade 85-95 they shoot with their “Leftover Bullets” to kill in our decade.

The 5 member band came together when a wave of young people started leaving Greece. According to them “We were looking at our friends leaving one after another and us left behind. But we are bullets..”

Last summer they recorded their very first song “80’s Child” together with a lyric video which came to knowledge of Miltos Karatzas and his company FINAL TOUCH – THE LABEL. This lead to a 2 year contract.

Find out more about the Leftover Bulelts via their artist profile page.

Remember, we're always looking for fresh local talent to broadcast and promote, if you want to be involved you can provide us with some information about yourself as well as uploading a demo here.

Record Player Image By Dane Deaner & Unsplash