Taking Off With Spitfire
20th September 2018

Taking Off With Spitfire - Showcasing Local Talent from the South Holland area

First Broadcast:
Thursday 20/09/2018 @ 19:00
Listen Again:
Sunday 23/09/2018 @ 18:00
Thursday 27/09/2018 @ 01:00

Bought to you by EM Music Matters, Taking Off With Spitfire is our weekly show in which we showcase the very best Local, National and International talent. Reaching hundreds of listeners across the globe, Taking Off With Spitfire is YOUR opportunity to promote YOUR latest music to a vast audience. We are happy to play all genres whether it is Punk, Folk, Blues, Rock, Indie, Electro, Country or Pop. With listeners from all areas of the music business, from promoters to recording studios and from festival organisers to fans, Taking Off With Spitfire is YOUR platform to get YOUR music heard in a wider marketplace and on a bigger world stage.

Taking Off With Spitfire broadcasts weekly on a Thursday evening at 19:00, is repeated the following Sunday at 18:00 and again on Thursday morning at 01:00.

Do you want to be featured on the show complete with an Artist Profile on our Sound Of Spitfire website, with links to purchase your music, plus Social Media exposure? We're always looking for fresh talent to broadcast and promote so don’t delay. Provide us with as much information as possible about yourself and your act as well as uploading a demo here and you could be next up on Taking Off With Spitfire!

This week you will be able to hear a little bit from Nick Maddocks, Your Sad Devotion, and Piet Louter.

Nick Maddocks

Taking Off With Spitfire - Showcasing Local Talent from the South Holland area

Nick Maddocks is 46 and has been a fan of Sixties music and The Beatles especially, since childhood. He started playing the guitar at 15 and a little later started song-writing (with varying degrees of success!), which he has been doing on and off for many years.

Having written enough material to make an album he decided it was time make a record and to release an EP, Listen To Your Heart.

Find out more about Nick via his artist profile page.



Your Sad Devotion

Taking Off With Spitfire - Showcasing Local Talent from the South Holland area

Your Sad Devotion is the electro, darkwave band from Ade Hunt and James Campbell of the Gothic Country band OldBoy, who we have also featured on Taking Off With Spitfire. The band takes much influence from OldBoy, but with a much stronger "electro" influence. Give them a listen and you'll hear a distinct style difference with their style and sound being described as Gothic Country, Dark Roots, and Noir Country.

Find out more about the band via their artist profile page.



Piet Louter

Taking Off With Spitfire - Showcasing Local Talent from the South Holland area

Piet Louter is a singer/songwriter from the Netherlands born in 1953 with songs about social isues and personal things.

Born in 1953 I started making music (my first love) from my childhood up. When I was 15, I wrote my first songs and I went on writing better and better, resulting in recording a single in 1977 at EMI. Meanwhile I was a singer/guitar player in several cover-bands but in 1987 I was tired of making music and it was time to do my second love; working on a farm.

For twenty years I spent my time with driving tractors, milking cows and all the other hard work as a hand. But blood is thicker than water and like many other musicians and that age, I got a mind to make music again.

Find out more about Piet via his artist profile page.

Remember, we're always looking for fresh local talent to broadcast and promote, if you want to be involved you can provide us with some information about yourself as well as uploading a demo here.

Record Player Image By Dane Deaner & Unsplash