Ska & Reggae Show
Catflea Massacre

Ska Reggae Show With Catflea Massacre on the Sound of Spitfire #TheStationYouAllDeserve

First Broadcast:
Monday @ 20:00

From the first time of hearing Gangsters (The Specials) I was hooked. Madness and The Beat soon followed, then The Selecter and The Bodysnatchers. Being just a pre-teen, the energy which flowed from the upbeat and off beat rhythm excited me and got me dancing at the local Friday night disco.

The further descent into Ska continued through recording songs off the radio (trying to cut off the presenters voice) until I could afford to buy the real thing.

My bedroom looked like it had been attacked by the black and white monster, with posters on the wall and album covers strewn across the floor. The flowery quilt my mother had bought was soon the only thing left with any colour.

It extended from there to my body when I managed to buy a black Harrington jacket. Madness Man proudly filled the back and Specials patches the front. Walt Jabsco became the stock item of my doodles.

Of course, once the Ska collection had begun, Reggae came onto the radar via Bob Marley closely followed by John Peel playing Eek A Mouse.

Now at 50+, my collection of music just had to be shared. I’m hoping to inspire a few more people to make these two genres their own obsession.

"One good thing about music is, when it hits you, you feel OK" - Bob Marley