A small gift to all the Nightwalkers out there from Zandra@SoundOfSpitfire. Without any scientific proof, this may help you to fall asleep.

Alternatively you could just listen to Chris for the next hour, which has been proven to have the same effect.
The Jon Nicholas Show on The Sound of Spitfire

Sound of Spitfire is pleased to welcome The Jon Nicholas Show. Find out more Click herehere.

Sound Of Spitfire on your TV!!! Yes, it’s true! If you have NowTV go into the App Store add the TuneIn app for free and search for “Sound Of Spitfire” - hey presto!


Our first broadcast from Spalding is now live until 5. You can tune in via our website http://www.soundofspitfire.co.uk or through the TuneIn App (https://tunein.com/radio/Sound-of-Spitfire-s285780/

Did you know you can now get in touch with us via social media? You can find us on both Facebook and Twitter. Please do come and say hello!

Spitfire's Tom has been busy this evening promoting our station at The Water's Edge (Spalding)


The relaunch of the Sound of Spitfire internet radio station, broadcasting from Spalding (Lincolnshire) and serving the South Holland District and beyond is taking place on the 2nd of April 2018. You can listen now via our website, or through the TuneIn Radio app.