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Artist Profile - The Kurt Deemer Band: Sound of Spitfire

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Artist Bio

Blending the singer-songwriter sensibilities of band leader Kurt Deemer with an irresistible backbeat, the band serves up a signature collection of songs that defy simple definition yet remain familiar and accessible. With a wealth of recording and live playing experience, Kurt Deemer Band delivers both in the studio and on stage.

The Kurt Deemer Band is a union of veteran indie/underground musicians who emerged from the grungy Baltimore original music club scene and coalesced around the melodic pop songs of frontman Kurt Deemer.

Kurt's twenty-plus years of songwriting give his compositions the rich, timeless feel and style of a well-worn leather jacket as they draw from the same American musical heritage as Tom Petty and Dave Grohl. There is an unmistakable style that has been well honed but resits the stereotypes, incorporating influences from Richard Thompson to The Replacements, and from Lou Reed to Warren Zevon. Deemer's contemporary style of writing and his driving guitar push his band and the audience in unexpected directions, venturing where ordinary power pop rarely dares to tread.

But unlike typical singer/songwriter fronted bands, the distinct voices of the individual members of the band are heard loud and clear. The backbeat at the core of the songs is anchored by UK native Steve Rose on drums. His no-nonsense style meshes perfectly with the driving rhythmic bass of Baltimore native Kris Maher to give the band its rock-solid foundation.

Pittsburgh born John Christensen plays lead guitar. His eclectic blend of country twang, hard rock riffing and glam glitz propels the songs beyond the confines of convention.

The Kurt Deemer Band preforms regularly in the Baltimore-Washington area and beyond, playing clubs, theaters, festivals and art spaces. Mixing their all-original palette with the occasional self-styled cover, The Kurt Deemer Band invites audiences on a collective journey, delivering a unique brand of intimate songs embellished with wide-ranging dynamic interpretation. Whatever the venue, their full fare impassioned delivery offers the listener an experience sure to please any rock aesthete.

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The Kurt Deemer Band on the Sound of Spitfire The Kurt Deemer Band on the Sound of Spitfire The Kurt Deemer Band on the Sound of Spitfire The Kurt Deemer Band on the Sound of Spitfire The Kurt Deemer Band on the Sound of Spitfire The Kurt Deemer Band on the Sound of Spitfire
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