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Artist Profile - The Solajets: Sound of Spitfire

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The genesis of The SolaJets ignites from a Norfolk pub in the autumn of 2015. Rupe had recently taken up the drums again, and was enjoying a pint of ale waiting for the next act to begin at the monthly open mic night. Onto the small stage walked Ben, and a minute later a wall of sound hit the packed audience. Nice? No! Subtle? No! Friendly? No!

But bloody hell it had soul and passion, and the clever lyrics and unusual sound had the audience hooked. Good songs mate - looking for a drummer?
This quick conversation resulted in a hastily built studio and word went out that they were looking for a bass player. Shortly afterwards Andy arrived with a car full of vintage Moog synths, a bass guitar, and an enthusiasm that like his own intense sound, simply knows no bounds.

By this time the studio had evolved into a small 8 track recording studio and the band focused on the recorded SolarJets experience. This has let to a number of tracks being released on SoundCloud, and some unusual videos appearing on YouTube. The release of three EP's soon followed. The first I'm Comin Home, tells a store of desire and hope. The second, Journey, is a conceptual leap into lofi electro space punk, and finally The Time Has Come deals with deepening self awareness. The SolaJets play their own style of music, soul and passion, with a real desire to convey the lyrics musically with their own vibe. The intense and unpredictable live act has gained a strong local following with more gigs and some studio recording planned for the rest of the year. The band is currently working on a debut tour schedule for 2019.

To get in touch with the band, who are always happy to chat, you can e-mail them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

All the best to you, whatever planet you're from!

On Spitfire

The SolaJets were featured on our Taking Off With Spitfire show on the 6th September 2018.

Remember, we're always looking for fresh local talent to broadcast and promote, if you want to be involved you can provide us with some information about yourself as well as uploading a demo here.