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Phillip Foxley

Artist Profile - Phillip Foxley: Sound of Spitfire

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Phillip Foxley is a songwriter/guitarist from North Wales in the UK. He writes Blues/Rock/Punk and Piano/Acoustic music for TV and film soundtrack licensing from his home studio.

With influences like Snowy White, David Gilmour, Mick Ronson, Leslie West, Gary Moore, Foxley has now released his own debut album entitled "I'll try 'till I die", an eclectic collection of original blistering blues rock guitar and soft acoustic and piano tracks written over the years. Foxley says "Every track on this album means so much and every note is from my very soul".

This album is like my musical life story. It’s also a ‘big’ album in that there are over twenty tracks on it already and, because I don’t intend to release any more albums, I just keep adding tracks to it. The earlier tracks have a poorer production which I kept in as a mark of the childlike mistakes I made whilst learning the recording process. I realised quite early on that studio recording requires such great technical ability and talent that I simply don’t possess, so I now have the greatest respect for all the unsung sound Engineers and Producers out there.

On Spitfire

Phillip Foxley was featured on our Taking Off With Spitfire show on the 18th October 2018.


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