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Mick Mepham

Artist Profile - Mick Mepham: Sound of Spitfire

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Mick Mepham started out in Hastings and now in Lincolnshire. Very much enjoying life in the South Holland area and it's stimulating his grey cells to write more and more.

Mick’s just got a new studio up and running and there are currently 4 albums (2 electric and 2 acoustic) in process. 1 acoustic album is finished and will shortly be available, followed by the successor to This Was Then And That Is Now. These will be available by the song/album download and on CD for those who prefer it.

Mick says that he’s been very lucky in his musical life to have played with some excellent musicians and people and he’s by no means finished yet.

Things are really busy with his Titus (folk band) and are developing in all directions as well. Writing and recording will be taking a lot of his time too but gigs are a real love and he’d love to play more venues in the South Holland area. You can find out more about Mick and his music via his website.