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Man Eat Grass

Artist Profile - Man Eat Grass: Sound of Spitfire

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Man Eat Grass are a four piece band from the South of England United Kingdom featuring guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. In their own words:

Write, play, record, we don't feel the need to ponce around with our tracks to make them sound commercial for hours, days, weeks, months. At the end of the day, music is to enjoy, once you start changing what you do to fit in with others, then its lost its originality. Influences are many, from that guy who just sits on a cold floor with a guitar busking to earn a crust, right through to the multi million selling artist who really doesn't need to do, It ain't for the money no more, its for the love. Music owns my soul and forever will.

On Spitfire

Man Eat Grass were featured on our Taking Off With Spitfire show on the 6th September 2018.

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