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Artist Profile - Dodge Rogers: Sound of Spitfire

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While born a South London baby boomer in 1951, Roger's paternal line, the Fulliloves, hail from these parts, albeit they'd migrated to other nearby Midland realms before either the Black Death struck or the Fens were drained. in 2016, when the yuppies stole the last pub on his Crystal Palace manor, he thought it poetic to return to his clan's first known home, and now lives in Pinchbeck.

Raised on a radio diet of music from the 30's/40's/50's, Roger maintains a vast repertoire of those early songs and has gained a well-earned reputation for hosting old-fashioned, war time sing along sessions. Later, he was smitten in turn by Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers, and The Beatles, all of whom remain with him.

Roger survived school by the skin of his teeth and became an early computer geek (programmer) on his 18th birthday in 1969. He spent his entire career in what became known as outsourcing, working in UK, Europe, and the USA, and was a Product Director at Fidelity Inc. when throat cancer forced him to retire in 2011. But he met the full ugly cure head on - which cost him five stone in weight. Then, with most of him repaired, he escaped from the reaper's clutches back to what he loves - singing.

Married to Ann in 190, they did good parenting until approximately 1985, after-which Dodge (as he then became) embroiled himself in live music. He started his first band, The Love Handles, in the early 1980's, since when he has been a performing front man (singer/guitarist) in a long list of able bands and duos.

Dodge performs in many guises, including the five piece, full-on Blues Hammer Band, his 25 year harmony duo: Speedo (with Billy Boland), and in Sax 'n Lungs 'n Rock 'n Roll. As a solo artist he morphs freely between Dodge Rogers (1960's mixed bag), Paddy Rogers (Irish ballads), Cockney Rogers (Chas n' Dave et al), Hank Rogers (Cash & Country), and It Ain't Bob, Babe (Dylan Covers).

He performs locally at The Bull Inn (Pinchbeck), and The Water's Edge (Spalding), is set to appear on "Pinchbeck's Got Talent", and was on the main stage at last years Spalding Beer Festival.

Roger has a passion for song writing and draws on Peter Rowan, terry Allen, Guy Clark, and Bob Dylan for daily inspiration.To date he has written over 5500 songs (probably a world record!) in a huge variety of genres, ranging from Country, to Pop, to Folk, to Blues, to Ballads - but no Rap or Punk!

His long awaited solo album Dodge Rogers - Alive N' Swell is launched at Uptown Records in Pinchbeck on the 7th April 2018 at 13:00. It will be the first release on the Uptown label, a new venture dedicated to pushing forward local talent.

Furthermore, Roger is also a long in the tooth author, with several published titles under his belt. His much acclaimed Irish Ballad Opera - The Wild Rover - is utterly unique and set for release later in 2018, as is the collection of his 2017 lyrics entitled Songs In The Key Of Pinchbeck.

You can find Roger on Facebook for more information, and remember, we're always looking for fresh local talent to broadcast and promote, if you want to be involved you can provide us with some information about yourself as well as uploading a demo here.