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Charlie Bernardin

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Please note that Charlie is a very new and upcoming artist - more details will be added as soon as they are avaliable!

One of our newest and freshest talents, Charlie Bernardin is a musician, songwriter, and producer based in Norfolk. A lifelong love of the arts, and his expressive personality has lead him to music production which he says makes so much of who he is today.

He took piano lessons when he was young, but says he wasn't the easiest of students to teach - but let's face it, who is! During secondary school he began drum lessons and soon also started to play the guitar. By this time his younger brothers were also playing and singing, and they were able to perform together every once in a while.

Eventually Charlie was able to play quite a few different instruments including the banjo and the viola, but recently he has been spending most of his time in the studio producing his own original music.

Charlie has been songwriting and composing since he was just 13 years old, but the discovery of multi-track recording has really kick started his musical career. During his two years in sixth form he studied music technology which entirely changed the way in which he perceived music - becoming fascinated with the tools and technology available to musicians to express themselves with a great degree of control and precision.

It was during my time in sixth form that I joined a band with two other local musicians, Will Harman and James Blyth. We play as a rock and pop three piece that gigs across Norfolk and the last couple of years has certainly been a crazy ride. My skill has been hugely enhanced performing on stage and I've really learned how powerful music is to people. I really have James and Will to thank for much of my personal progression.

Charlie was heavily inspired by what he learned on his A Level course, purchasing his own copies of various music production software applications, and has been working hard at it ever since! He has spent so much time on his journey into music production and although doing it by himself has been tough, he's soon releasing his debut album and is sure that all the time and hard work will pay off.

At the Sound of Spitfire we can't wait to hear Charlie's new album and share it with our listeners - we guarantee it will be something special!